domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Aparelhos ortopedicos (Bionator)



Mouth GuardThe patients are examined by an orthodontist and any orofacial defects in growing children with abnormal jaw position or with abnormal teeth – jaw relations can be corrected by orofacial orthopaedic appliances ie. Frankles appliance, twin block appliances, activators, chin cap appliances, face mask and other simple orthodontic appliances.

These appliances usually take around 10 to 15 days for delivery; however we are able to deliver them on the same day with the best quality as we have our own in-house technician and laboratory. This is very convenient for our patients as the number of visits to the clinic can be reduced.

Frankel appliance holds the cheek and lip muscles away so the teeth have room to grow into the right position.

Bionator appliance fits between the jaws, helping move the lower
Jaw forward.

Herbst appliance:
holds lower jaw in a forward position while pushing the upper jaw backward.

Frankles Appliance

Face mask

Head Gear

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